SDDI CKAN Catalog for Docker

Smart District Data Infrastructure (SDDI) enabled Docker images for CKAN which is used for deployment of this catalog.

The repository provides CKAN Docker images for the sddi-ckan-k8s Helm chart. The images contain CKAN itself compiled with a set of CKAN extension to add functionality required for the SDDI concept and beyond that. All images are available form Github container registry. See packages for all image flavors and tags.

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  • Author: Marija Knezevic Author Email: marija.knezevicfoo(at)
  • Author: Bruno Willenborg Author Email: b.willenborgfoo(at)
  • Maintainer: Marija Knezevic Maintainer Email: marija.knezevicfoo(at)
  • Maintainer: Bruno Willenborg Maintainer Email: b.willenborgfoo(at)
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