A2D2 ROS Preparer

The A2D2 ROS Preparer is a software tool that converts the Audi Autonomous Driving Dataset (A2D2) to a Robot Operating System (ROS) bag. The sensor setup of the A2D2 vehicle includes five LiDARs, six cameras, bus signals and is structured in a dataset-specific form. The preparation for ROS enables the development of subsequent processes and algorithms to be more universally applicable, as ROS is a widely used robotics middleware. Moreover, ROS offers a variety of software libraries and tools that can be employed directly. The following video shows the ROS visualization tool rViz playing back this dataset:

Within the SAVeNoW research project, the A2D2 ROS Preparer is used for executing a simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) algorithm on the vehicle dataset.

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  • Author: Benedikt Schwab Author Email: benedikt.schwabfoo(at)tum.de
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