Based on the scientific publication “Maneuver-based Resimulation of Driving Scenarios based on Real Driving Data”, a tool has been developed that automatically extracts OpenSCENARIO files from measurement data.

The OSC Generator expects a simple, generic input format consisting of trajectories of relevant traffic participants. This allows processing real data from various sources, such as vehicle recordings, drone data, traffic cameras, or simulation data. The scenario can be exported either in a maneuver-based or trajectory-based manner, enabling a comparison of both approaches.

OSC-Generator is a collection of Python tools to generate ASAM OpenSCENARIO files from vehicle data and an ASAM OpenDRIVE file.


The generated openSCENARIO file (.xosc) can then be used for purposes such as scenario re-simulations, or in further applications, for example, visualised in a tool like esmini.


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  • Author: Marija Knezevic Author Email: marija.knezevicfoo(at)tum.de
  • Maintainer: Jörg Sichermann
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