Innoviz LIDAR als Präsentation im Show-Room - THE REAL ONE

As LIDAR Sensor we used the InnovizOne, an Automotive-Grade Solid-State LiDAR:


  • Angular Resolution (HxV): 0.1°x0.1°

  • Pre-Configurable Frame Rate: 10 or 15 FPS

  • Detection Range: 1m to 250m

  • Maximum Field of View (HxV): 115°x25°

  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 45x11.4x97.9mm

  • ISO 26262 Compliant: ASIL B(D)

The Lidar comes with its own software package or with a ROS Node. Unfortunately, the ROS Node is only available after signing an NDA with Innoviz.

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